Techcentre Training launch an unlimited subscription model to help organisations invest in accredited training

With pressures on budgets, and with many organisations having mandatory training requirements for their sector, Techcentre Training has launched an unlimited subscription model providing access to all our accredited online courses for 12 months!

Rather than pay-per-course, which proves very expensive for larger organisations, our subscription model is based on how many staff you need to train (table 1).

With our unlimited subscription, you can allocate any of our courses to your learners from the following 4 course categories:

"We are excited our model will also enable more people to upskill in new ways whilst taking the skills training mandatory for their sector."

David Barker, Techcentre Training Founder

You can view our list of accredited courses here and please contact us to discuss further

 Number of learners Annual subscription (excl. VAT) Cost per person (based on max users per level)
1-10 £1,800 £180
11-25 £3,000 £120
26-50 £4,200 £84
51-100 £5,400 £54
100-150 £7,200 £48
150-250 £9.600 £38
251-500 £14,400 £29
501-750 £18,000 £24
751-1000 £22,800 £23
1001-2500 £40,800 £16
2501-5000 £54,000 £11
Table 1 - pricing depending on how many people you need to train