About us

"As a social enterprise, our mission is to provide accredited, affordable, high-quality online training courses to ensure everyone have the skills they need for secure employment and career success."
David Barker, CEO Techcentre Training and voted one of the UK's most inspiring social entrepreneurs in 2022 in the Social Entrepreneur Index.

Accreditation matters and helps to ensure an investment in online training by learners will stand out on their CV’s. That’s why all our courses are accredited with leading bodies including CPD, ROSPA, IATP and IIRSM.

At Techcentre Training, we support:

  • Individuals who wish to invest in their own skills development
  • Employees to upskill in partnership with their employer
  • Unemployed people to upskill in partnership with support organisations such as charities and housing associations
  • Students to upskill in partnership with their school or college.

Through access to our courses, we've helped unemployed people secure the critical training they needed for their next job role, as well as helped students build their confidence ready for the workplace after they leave education.

Please contact us to find out more about our services and discuss how we could work together.


I recently completed Social Media for Business. I found it very relevant and approachable. It helped me to understand the process of creating a successful social media presence without getting too lost in technical details.


I did a customer service course and it was great. Updated my knowledge and improve my skill. Great introduction about the subject. Easy to understanding even if you aren't fluent in English.


I found the Techtraining courses helpful and they were very clearly delivered, each course included relevant examples that applied the content to a real life context.