Our mission is to ensure access to our accredited online training courses is affordable to all.

Therefore, we have two payment models to access our 96 accredited online training courses:

  • Pay per-course
  • Pay per-learner, with our annual subscription providing unlimited access to all courses


All our courses can be browsed and purchased through our website. If you are an individual investing in your own training, or you are sponsoring only one or two courses for your learners, then pay-per-course could be for you.

You can browse our available courses here:


If you are sponsoring courses for others, for example schools for their students, or a housing association for their clients, then you can significantly reduce your costs with our unlimited annual subscription, enabling you to allocate as many of our 96 courses to each learner as required for their personal development.

For example, 15 courses are available in Health and Social Care to complete the Care Certificate, 10 courses have been allocated by school from Business Skills and Employability to students studying T-Levels in 6th Form.

Our pricing model ensures as you scale the number of learners, the cost per learner goes down significantly, as follows:

 Number of learners Annual subscription (excl. VAT) Cost per person (based on max users per level)
1-10 £1,800 £180
11-25 £3,000 £120
26-50 £4,200 £84
51-100 £5,400 £54
100-150 £7,200 £48
150-250 £9.600 £38
251-500 £14,400 £29
501-750 £18,000 £24
751-1000 £22,800 £23
1001-2500 £40,800 £16
2501-5000 £54,000 £11


Contact us to discuss further, and for a demonstration

Please contact us to arrange a virtual call to discuss our online courses, and to arrange for a demonstration account to be setup for you to trial our courses.